Sunday, 7 March 2010

Take Home a Free Nintendo Wii

Free Nintendo WiiOut of the three NexGen gaming consoles the Wii has to be the most fun and playable games console around.

It really is plug in and have fun. I think the Wii is more aimed at the younger generation and families. But this wont stop me playing it.

I just bought Mario Kart and i havent put the Wii controller down for hours.

The Wii only costs £115 which is a massive drop in price compared to the other two NexGen consoles.

To get your hands on a Free Wii just head over to FreebieJeebies, enter a few details and follow their instructions. It should only take about two minutes to set up.

After signing up get a few of your friends to sign up to, when you have got nine friends to sign up. You are eligible for a free Wii. It really is that simple!